Both our Vegetative (V1™ & V2™) and Bloom (B1™ & B2™) powders are two part formulas allowing you the ability to use them with Dosatron Dosers or any fertilizer injection system, making it simple to adjust each formula according to your plants needs.

The FloraFlex® Original Formula has a suggested dilution rate of 1:100 (or 1%) for an EC of O.

Estimated dilution amounts are as follows:

  1. V1™ approximately 200 grams per gallon.
  2. V2™ approximately 200 grams per gallon.
  3. B1™ approximately 250 grams per gallon.
  4. B2™ approximately 310 grams per gallon.

Approximate maximum solubility of each blend is:

  1. V1™ 1 lbs per gallon at 70°
  2. V2™ 1 lbs per gallon at 70°
  3. B1™ 1 lbs per gallon at 70°
  4. B2™ 1 lbs per gallon at 70°

For an exceptional mix we suggest you use up to half of above maximum solubility amounts, pour them into room temperature water, and make sure you stir the mix until fully dissolved.

Being that most injector systems have ranges for rate of injection per gallon (for example 1:50 - 1:500), you will find that you have options as to the method you chose, if you do not already have a preferred one.

For example, if you are following our Original Formula timeline, one method would be to make & the dilution rate of your injectors exactly the same, and mix your concentrated blends according to the ratio in the formula. In this case our Original Formula remains the same with 1 part B1 to 1.25 parts of B2, so you would mix 1 lb of B1 per gallon and 1.25 lbs of B2 per gallon, set both of your injectors to the same ratio and call it a day.

But if you were following another regimen such as our Super Aggressive Formula where B2 varies throughout, it may be easier to put equal amounts of each blend into your concentrated tanks and change the rate of injection according to week/day to keep the work load and confusion to a minimum. See example below:

  1. 1 part B1 to 0.75 part B2 = 1:100 of B1 and 1:150 of B2
  2. 1 part B1 to 1 part B2 = 1:100 of B1 and 1:100 of B2
  3. 1 part B1 to 1.25 part B2 = 1:100 of B1 and 1:87.5 of B2
  4. 1 part B1 to 1.50 part B2 = 1:100 of B1 and 1:75 of B2
  • Depending on your source water the pH of the final solution may need to be adjusted using pH up or down. This can be done simply with the use of products such as the NDS Etatron pH Correction Pumps from Dosatron.
  • You can adjust your final water EC to you liking by adjusting the injector feed to water ratio up or down, or by increasing or decreasing the amount of fertilizer dissolved in the concentrate tanks.